I have been doing some research for a paper in college, some things I have read were rather surprising to me. One article stated that some people usually call off on Fridays if it is a casual dress day. Do you think this is right? I certainly do not, I think it’s absurd to do, and if the employer allows this to continue he is no employer in my book.

     I understand the thought behind casual dress for work some of the reasons behind this theory; but there are ethics to consider, benefits to and for the company to consider. From the readings i have done it said something like this,” the average employee preforms better if they are comfortable in their surroundings as well as their clothing”. Come on folks their clothing, really? You went looking for a job, hopefully you dressed appropriately for the job interview, now your stating you feel more comfortable in wearing casual clothing instead of business attire? Something sounds fishy here to me. I wonder how many others find this rather absurd or funny? Even if you do not agree with me, tell me why or why not.