When I was looking for my first job, back in the early 1980’s; I was told to dress up, meaning a nice dress, hair done, not to much perfume, little make-up not much. Smile when I walked into a place of business, shake hands firmly, not rough. Always say thank you for your time. During the interview process I knew my answers, I knew I was qualified for the job, and I went after it. I normally got the job I really wanted, and succeeded at the job, usually getting raises along the way.

 When I was in the position of hiring, I did not hire anyone who had visible tattoos,, this my district manger forbid,why you ask? We were in the public eye, serving the public. I worked for a well known company and they frowned on items that displayed poor taste, and tattoos were one of the frowned upon items, Also during this time I trained, attended seminars, was asked advice of general manger, and my input was usually considered. I had to write up monthly reports on all employees. I never once felt out of place, ignored, or overlooked, until one day when they were doing a filming of our company. I was asked to do some little tasks, and keep track of the customers. I was not in the commercial, nor in the advertisement. It wasn’t until few months later I found out why. I was over weight at the time, and that was an image they did not want portrayed within the commercial or advertisement. For the first time ever I now knew how these people felt about discrimination, the numerous people I turned down for having visible tattoos came haunting me. I thought back on this over the years, and vowed I would never do this again. Unfortunately I had to several years later,in another job, another state, another company, orders from above. I know the visual aspects of customers seeing employees with tattoos, but how do we as employers overcome the stigma? How can we tell these people, sorry I can not hire you, because of your tattoos? We would be looking for a lawsuit for discrimination.

I have no tattoos, nor do I care do get one; I like some tattoos I have seen, but I often ask myself does the younger generation getting these life like tattoos realize, this may prevent them from getting a job 20 years down the road. I doubt they do, just like they do not realize many potential employers check their social media page if they have one available to the public. If these people only knew how often they were not hired, just because of their social media page.I think then some might reconsider what and how they do status updates, their posts, as well as comments.